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Reiki Meets Sound

Reiki is divinely guided life force energy.  A Reiki session feels wonderfully relaxing as carefully directed streams of divine energy dance throughout your body, clearing away stuck, heavy energies and rejuvenating those areas with life. 

Sound is not only vibration, it is also the primordial essence of the universe.  It is the waves which pulse from the Source of all things, ever-breathing, ever-expanding, and ever-receding back unto itself once again. It is the ripples which stretch through the fabric of our reality, and since sound can be felt and experienced in a tangible way, these waves help move energy very palpably throughout our bodies.

Combining reiki and sound gives a sense of heaven and earth, the divine spiritual energy of reiki coupled with the more grounded, deeply felt and sensed energy of physical manifestation. 

About the class

Spend an hour in this restorative healing session, resting in savasana and bathing in the tranquil energies of reiki and sound. Instruments vary each month according to specific configurations, including crystal quartz and Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, gongs, drums, rattles, tuning forks, and more.


Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Come find peace.

The room is warm, not heated. Suitable for all levels of students.

WHEN: Sunday, August 20, 6 pm to 7 pm

PRICE:  $45/person

REGISTER: via the MINDBODY app, search Alchemy Hot Yoga

TEACHER: Sarah Myles of Alewah Sound

Sarah Myles, Reiki

About the teacher:

Sarah Myles is an ICRT-Certified Reiki Master, ICRT-Certified Karuna Reiki Master, certified Sound Healer through the Center of Light Institute, as well as a lifelong songwriter and musician. She practices Reiki and Sound healing sessions for individual clients at Alewah Sound in Wake Forest, NC. Contact her for more information. 

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