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Sweat It Out at Alchemy Hot Yoga

Find out how Alchemy Hot Yoga classes can improve your mental health!

Harvard Medical School Researchers Find HOT YOGA Helps Alleviate Depression Symptoms --- January 2024


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are flocking to yoga classes as more people discover the myriad physical and mental health benefits of a regular practice. Add a little heat to that yoga practice and watch the benefits and satisfaction level grow. Ask anyone how they enjoyed their first hot yoga class, and they will say it was one of the hardest things they have done. But, they will quickly add that they are hooked. Watch out because Alchemy Hot Yoga classes can be addictive!

Alchemy Hot Yoga classes are taught in a 103° room with approximately 35% humidity. The infrared radiant heating system travels deep into the body directly warming and nourishing muscles, allowing for a greater range of motion. And the sweat! Sweat is your body’s way of flushing out toxins and wringing out impurities. The heat and sweat lead to a more physical yoga practice, and mentally, it comes with a stronger sense of accomplishment and peace.

Hot yoga is often recommended as a complement to traditional medical treatment for injury, pain, and stress. Studies have shown yoga can lessen chronic pain, including lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, yoga has been shown to ease symptoms of depression and create mental clarity and calmness.

Hot Yoga Benefits

Burns more calories. On average, men burned 460 calories and women burned about 330 calories during a one-hour hot yoga class. That is about twice as much as a traditional yoga class.

Cardiovascular boost. Exercising in high heat has been shown to challenge your heart, lungs, and muscles more than doing the same poses at a lower temperature. Researchers have reported the equivalent boost to that of a brisk walk.


Improves flexibility. Some studies show that after just eight weeks of regular practice, participants had reported more flexibility in their low back, shoulders, and hamstrings.

Increases body awareness. Hot yoga enhances your ability to relate better to how your body and muscles are moving, how to make adjustments to improve your balance and posture, and to recognize your body's internal cues like hunger, thirst, and fatigue.


Poses are more accessible. The heat allows you to stretch a little further and achieve a greater range of motion, thus, making yoga poses easier and more effective.

Alchemy Hot Yoga students may also realize the following benefits:

  • Increased overall muscle tone.

  • Increased metabolism.

  • Greater flexibility.

  • Higher tolerance for heat.

  • Better balance.

  • Better coordination.

  • Core strength.

  • Healthier lifestyle.

  • Dedication to self.

  • Reduced stress.

  • Reduced anxiety.

  • Reduced aches and pains.

  • Boost in confidence.

  • Increased self-esteem.

  • Improved ability to concentrate.

  • Increased energy.

  • Improved sleep.

  • Ability to reach your potential.


If you are concerned about how your body will react to the heat, start with one of our warm flow classes, such as “Warm Slow & Roll.” Then, if you feel good with the warm temperature, move up to the 45-minute “Hot Vinyasa Express” class.


Check out our prices and schedule to find your next Wake Forest hot yoga class.

Heat adaptation occurs fairly quickly, with many students showing improved tolerance to the heat after just a few classes.


People with preexisting health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, back pain, asthma, and diabetes, should consult a doctor before beginning a hot-yoga practice.

ALCHEMY HOT YOGA - Your safe space for practice, transformation, and breath.

Hot yoga students in plank pose
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