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Frequently Asked Questions


What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga at Alchemy Hot Yoga brings traditional yoga into a 103°F studio with approximately 35% humidity. The classes and postures in hot yoga are the same as those in traditional yoga and can include ‘Vinyasa flows,’ moving from one posture to another, as well as ‘slow flows’ which involve holding a certain pose and contracting the muscles. Hot yoga classes combine standing and seated poses and focus on improving flexibility, balance, and strength. Hot yoga classes may feel physically demanding, but you will find you have a greater feeling of calm when you relax into Savasana at the completion of your class.


I'm new to Alchemy Hot Yoga, which class is best for me?

See our "New Students" page to prepare you for your Alchemy hot yoga classes.

We hate to say it depends, but it depends on various factors including your fitness level, your experience of yoga, and your experience with hot yoga specifically. We say that all Alchemy Hot Yoga classes are for everyone - regardless of fitness level or flexibility - however, we do know that each class and teacher is different. So finding the right class for you may require you to try several different classes, and to ask your friends and teachers for additional recommendations. 

Generally, though, we recommend the following to our beginners so you can get a feel for the heat without moving too vigorously.


  • Hot Align & Flow - This class is a slower paced vinyasa (moving from one pose to another in a sequence) that focuses on the proper alignment of each pose and the use of breath. This class is specifically designed with the beginner yogi in mind. This is a 75-minute class and is offered Thursdays at 7:00pm

  • Hot Slow Flow - This class is slower paced than our standard Vinyasa classes. By holding poses for a longer count, the focus is on strength and balance. You can find Hot Slow Flow offered multiple times throughout the week. It is a 60-minute class.

  • Hot Vinyasa Express - Our express classes are 45 minutes, letting you get your workout in a shorter time. The flows are typically fast paced, but with less time in the heat, this can be a good class for new students who have taken yoga before but have not taken hot yoga.

As always, do what works best for you! So try a few classes out, and we bet you will quickly find a few favorites.


See the Alchemy Hot Yoga class schedule here. 

What should I bring to class?

We suggest you hydrate well before class and bring water with you to class. For your comfort in the studio, we recommend bringing the following items with you:

  • Yoga mat.*

  • Full length, absorbent, non-slip, hot yoga towel to place on the mat.*

  • Hand towel for toweling off during exertion.

  • Water bottle with iced water.


Remember that the hot yoga classes are held in a 103°degree room - you will sweat! You will be glad you brought both a yoga towel and a hand towel.

We have cubbies for you to leave your shoes**, coats, keys, and other personal belongings in during class. For your protection, we lock the studio when classes are in session.

*We have a limited supply of towels and mats for use if you forget yours.​

** Shoes are not allowed in the yoga room.

What should I wear?

Avoid baggy tops that can ride up and move around too much - they will quickly become a distraction. You will be bending, twisting, and turning yourself upside down, so tight-fitting, moisture-wicking clothing will provide you with the most comfort. Yoga clothes are designed with a purpose, and they will provide you with the comfort and coverage you will want in the class.


Most students find full-length tights most comfortable as they not only absorb the sweat but also prevent slipping in moves where you need to press your arms/legs into each other. (Think tree pose or crow pose.) However, capri pants and shorts are perfect options. Wear what works best for you.


Your clothes will be soaked with sweat, so be wary of ‘see-through’ colors that look great dry, but can be revealing when wet.

Alchemy hot yoga class in wheel.

Photo Credit: Danielle Forghetti

I'm not very fit, is hot yoga for me?

Alchemy Hot Yoga classes are for everyone - regardless of your fitness level. (If you have an illness or injury, check with your medical provider before attending.) Whether you workout every day or you are just beginning a fitness routine, hot yoga can help you reach your fitness goals.

Our RYT certified teachers will show you modifications to each of the moves so you can adjust the level of intensity to your ability. Take breaks and catch your breath at any time in the class to ensure you are comfortable and capable of continuing.


You may feel a bit light-headed at some point during class because of the high temperature. If so, drink some water, get into child's pose and take a break, or excuse yourself from the room.  As your fitness level improves, so too will your tolerance for the heat.

You don't have to be fit to start, but you have to start to be fit!

I'm "older," is hot yoga for me?

Hot yoga can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. (If you have an illness or injury, please check with your medical provider before taking hot yoga.) We have many devoted Alchemy participants who are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Everyone is different, and regardless of your chronological age, your biological age is what drives your activity level. 

Each class should be approached based on your fitness level as opposed to your age. You are encouraged to modify poses and take breaks within the class to meet your needs.  


Our certified teachers will show you modifications to each of the moves so you can adjust the level of intensity to your ability. Drink water, take breaks, and catch your breath at any time in the class to ensure you are comfortable and capable of continuing.


You'll never know until you try. If you are comfortable in a heated studio, and you are looking for a new approach to yoga, hot yoga could be just what you are looking for.

Will I lose weight? 

We will not make the claim that you will lose weight, because we know that weight management is complex, and is based on each individual's unique characteristics. Whether you lose or gain weight is a combination of your caloric intake (what you eat) and your caloric expenditure (how much you exercise).


As a general rule, 3,500 calories equal one pound. But determining how many calories you are burning in a hot yoga class is not that easy. Your weight, gender, how hard you work, and your current fitness level all play a part in the number of calories you burn.


Researchers report that intense hot yoga sessions burn the equivalent number of calories as walking at 3.5 miles per hour. For the average woman, that translates to around 330 calories per hour. For men, it is around 460 calories per hour.


The combination of a consistent hot yoga practice and clean eating is the key to managing your weight. Alchemy Hot Yoga can be an important part of your healthy lifestyle.

How often should I take hot yoga?

There is no magic number for attendance in hot yoga classes, but the key to seeing results is consistency. If you want to see a difference in your stress level, strength, balance, and flexibility, you will gain all of that through regular attendance at hot yoga classes. Many sources suggest two to five times a week to see results, but after you take a couple classes and explore the different options, you will find what works best for you.


Alchemy Hot Yoga offers classes throughout the day to fit just about anyone’s schedule, as well as a wide range of types of classes to give you variety. We believe after you take a few hot yoga classes you will want to come to Alchemy Hot Yoga as often as possible!


Which classes are best for me?

See “Alchemy Hot Yoga Class Descriptions” [coming soon!] for a full list of our class offerings. Also, talk to any of our teachers for their recommendations.

What is the difference between Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga?

Vinyasa means to string together a series of postures so that you move from one pose to another, seamlessly, using breath. For example, when moving through Sun Salutation, the teacher will guide you through the flow using one breath/one movement, indicating when to inhale and when to exhale. Vinyasa's are used in every yoga class, however, the pace, the length of time in which they are held, and the difficulty of the poses, all determine the type of class.


In Alchemy's Hot Vinyasa Flow, the teacher leads students through poses at a pace that encourages proper alignment and proper breath, and is appropriate for all levels. Vinyasa Flow uses continuous movement and is meant to be energizing. In the Vinyasa Slow Flow class, poses are held much longer, going deeper in the poses and taking several rounds of breath while holding the pose. Fewer flows or poses are practiced in this class than you might see in the Vinyasa Flow, and the class is calming.

Power Flow is more appropriate for the fitness enthusiast and for students who are looking for a vigorous, fitness-based approach to yoga. Power yoga draws on Ashtanga, a type of yoga that follows a specific sequence and moves at a faster pace, but at Alchemy, teachers create their own sequences. Power yoga challenges the students with the physicality and athleticism of yoga by moving quickly through poses with fewer breaks.

What is that Smell?

We don't use any industrial-strength cleaners or harsh chemicals in our hot yoga studio. We use only eco-friendly cleaners and essential oils, and sometimes we light scented candles, to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace as soon as you walk into our hot yoga studio. You may see some of our teachers walking through the studio carrying a Palo Santo incense stick, known for clearing negative energy and restoring tranquility and calm emotions, prior to and after classes. We hope you enjoy the subtle fragrances that say, "Welcome to Alchemy Hot Yoga!"

* If you have a sensitivity to perfumes and scents, contact the studio prior to attending a class.

Why do you offer a cool, lavender towel during Savasana?

All of our hot yoga classes end with our teachers handing out a nice, cold, lavender-infused towel to all the students who want one.* When your face is beet red after sweating it out for close to an hour, and you lie back in Savasana, you will find there is nothing more comforting than a cool, scented cloth.


Lavender is one of the most commonly used aromatherapy scents in yoga. Lavender not only smells great, but it is believed to promote calmness and wellness, and to help reduce stress and anxiety. Place the towel on your forehead, across your chest, or at the nape of your neck as you surrender to your mat. Inhaling the light scent of lavender after your yoga practice brings a sense of peace and calm you can carry with you into your day.


*Yoga students have the option to discreetly decline the cool towel.

Who are your teachers?

See Alchemy Hot Yoga Team to find out more about all of our special Alchemy Hot Yoga teachers.

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