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Flow with Alchemy

Join us for an invigorating and rejuvenating yoga experience. Choose from our wide range of classes including Vinyasa flow, restorative, gentle, express, slow flow, and more.

We have class offerings from 6:00 am until 7:00 pm weekdays and an extensive weekend schedule to accommodate even the busiest yogis.

Explore our schedule to find a class that calls to you - there's something for everyone!



Hot Fusion 26

Through a gentle yoga flow, the teacher will guide students through a series of postures inspired by the classic 26 hot yoga asanas. Poses will be held between 20 and 60 seconds with a focus on flexibility, strength, and balance throughout the body. A great class to help all students refine poses. Suitable for all levels.

Hot Power Flow

A challenging and dynamic level 1-2 Vinyasa flow class. This class incorporates poses designed to build strength so you can hold poses longer and sturdier.

Hot Power Flow Express

Same fabulous Hot Power Flow class, condensed to 45 minutes.​

Hot Slow Flow

This class still has the feel of a typical Vinyasa class while slowing down the pace of the class. You will move mindfully and powerfully while building strength and balance on the mat.

Hot Slow Flow & Deep Stretch

“Linger” is the buzzword for this class. Students will be guided through the smooth linking of breath with movement. You will mindfully linger in the asanas giving you time to refine each posture and explore deeper sensations. Awaken your body and clear your mind with this slow flow.​

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a series of postures connecting breath and movement in a dance-like rhythm. This is an energetic and dynamic class that will get you out of your head and into your body and breath. No two classes are ever the same.

Hot Vinyasa Express

Same fabulous Hot Vinyasa Flow 1-2 class, condensed to 45 minutes.

Level Up – A Level 2 Play Class

This class is available to anyone who regularly attends Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hot Slow Flow, or Hot Power Flow classes. The class starts with a warm-up, then moves to an energetic vinyasa flow that builds to a peak pose, or advanced pose. The teacher will break down the alignment of the pose and offer tricks and tips to help advance your asana practice. Plenty of time is included for Playtime.

Pure Yin with Assists

Embrace this quiet, challenging practice by building your foundation through stillness. The class focuses on flexibility and energetic release in the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine with each pose held for between three and five minutes. Yin is a great approach to self-care and restoration.

Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation

The main focus of Restorative Yoga is to relax in poses, with the aid of props, without strain or pain, to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Restorative yoga classes are very relaxing and slow-paced. Props, like blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps are used so that you are supported in your pose comfortably. You will then hold the pose for an extended period of time. This practice is great for balancing an active yoga schedule or giving yourself a break when you feel under the weather.

Vinyasa Level 2-3 Intermediate-Advanced

Designed for more experienced yogis with a solid understanding of basic yoga postures who are comfortable performing advanced poses. The intermediate-advanced student practices yoga regularly and has begun to master the connection of breath with movement.

Warm Gentle Flow & Yin

This class will ease you into the heat of our hot classes by being about 10 degrees cooler (~ 95˚F). This is a gentle, slower flow than Vinyasa Flow and it includes more floor postures and ends with Yin-style poses (held for more than a minute.) The teacher will explain the alignment of each asana and allow you time to breathe and relax into each pose.

Warm Rocket Vinyasa Flow

Rocket Yoga is for all levels and invites you to challenge yourself with flow & play. Rocket Yoga is characterized by its creative sequencing and a focus on strength, flexibility, and balance while giving you the freedom to find your own expression within the practice. Based on the Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series, Rocket destroys the hierarchy of postures and allows anyone and everyone to explore the practice as they see fit. In other words, Rocket Yoga encourages modifications and variations of poses.

Yin & Singing Bowls

Yin yoga targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Because you’re holding poses for a longer period of time than you would in other traditional types of yoga, Yin yoga helps you stretch and lengthen those rarely-used tissues while also teaching you how to breathe through discomfort and sit with your thoughts. Singing bowls accompany the practice to further deepen the experience.

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