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We offer lots of classes perfect for new and beginner yogis. Here are a few options to get you started:

10:45 am Tuesday
Warm Gentle Slow Flow to Yin

7:00 pm Tuesday - Thursday
Tue: Warm Gentle Slow Flow to Yin

Wed: Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation

Thurs: Hot Slow Flow & Deep Stretch 

8:15 am Sunday: Hot Fusion 26

See our schedule for more information. 

Thank you for choosing Alchemy Hot Yoga - YOUR safe space for yoga, transformation, and breath. Below is some key information to prepare new hot yoga students for your first hot yoga class at Alchemy Hot Yoga of Wake Forest.

See our FAQs for more information. Learn about the benefits of our Infrared Radiant Heat.

What to Expect at the Alchemy Hot Yoga Studio

  • Doors open approximately 20 minutes before each class.

  • Check-in is at the front desk with your teacher.

  • Hot classes are 103 degrees and 35% humidity.

  • Warm classes are typically between 95 and 98 degrees.

  • We have a variety of cubbies and benches to hold all your belongings.

  • There are two large bathrooms – one in each hallway- that can also be used as changing rooms.

  • On the cubby-side hallway, there is a filtered-water water fountain.

  • Once class begins, the front doors are locked.

What to Bring to your Hot Yoga Class

  • A full, insulated water bottle.

  • Your yoga mat, a full-length mat towel, and a hand towel.*

  • Change of clothes, if you don’t want to drive home in soggy clothes.

  • A spare water to leave in your car for the ride home.

*We have a limited supply of mats and towels available for a $2 rental fee.

Before Class

  • Hydrate well prior to class.

  • Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to class to get checked in, meet the teacher, take a tour of the studio, and get set up in the hot room.

  • Place your shoes and belongings in our cubbies – shoes are not allowed in the yoga studio.

  • Do not enter the studio until the previous class has ended and the teacher opens the doors.

  • Place your mat so you have comfortable space around you and that the short side of the mat is at the window side of the room. (The teachers will set up on the wall opposite the windows.)

  • Get comfortable on your mat and get ready for an awesome yoga experience!

During Class

  • It gets hot, so make sure to drink your water, rest, and towel off according to YOUR needs. (The teacher may not cue a break when you need one.)

  • Remember to breathe and go with the flow!


After Class

  • Place your lavender face cloth in the round bins outside of the studio doors.

  • Clean and return any yoga blocks you used to the rack in the hallway.

  • Enjoy your post-yoga glow!

Check out our schedule, and hot yoga class prices, then go to the MindBody app to sign up for your next Alchemy Hot Yoga class.

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