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Meet  the Owner

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer fell in love with yoga when she took her first hatha class in Massachusetts 25 years ago. Going through a lot of personal issues at a young age, she found physical and emotional healing on her mat through asana and meditation. After a corporate career and two kids, that love never went away and she decided to pursue her 200- hour yoga teacher training in Prana-Vinyasa Flow. She now loves sharing her passion with others and believes that yoga truly transforms lives.

Jennifer believes that yoga meets you exactly where you’re at, physically, mentally, and emotionally. “While alignment is very important, there is no right or wrong as you explore postures on your mat; as yoga will look, feel, and present itself differently on every individual body. Each individual body has a history (age, health, injuries, etc.) that will present itself differently through yoga postures.”


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She strives to create classes that are creative, fun, challenging, inclusive and safe for her students. She loves teaching Prana-Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, and Yin.

Jennifer created Alchemy Hot Yoga Studio to provide a space that encourages and promotes a sense of community, where students can practice and explore hot yoga in

an inclusive and non-judgmental environment. All are welcome to explore how breath and flow can help align and facilitate personal transformation.

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