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Melyssa Baró

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Melyssa Baró is a busy wife and mother of two young girls who is always on the run, literally and figuratively. For someone so busy, though, she has an uncanny sense of calm. Melyssa attributes being naturally cool, calm, and collected to growing up in a household as one of six siblings. She said someone had to step into the role of keeping the peace and soothing ruffled feathers amid all the chaos. She also spent six years working with adults at a mental health crisis center where her gentle demeanor helped diffuse many tense situations.

Fortunately, Alchemy Hot Yoga students can benefit from Melyssa’s innate therapeutic vibes when they take any of her flow classes: Hot Slow Flow, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power Flow. Don’t be fooled by her soothing voice, though, because that doesn’t mean her yoga class isn’t going to be challenging. Melyssa is well aware that yoga can ease stress, calm nerves, and reduce anxiety, but it wasn’t any of these benefits that attracted her to yoga.

After Melyssa’s daughters were born, she wanted to return to her pre-Mom, fit body - honed by years of soccer - and she found success when she turned to power yoga. What started with a Groupon, turned into her passion when she realized strength and stamina, the two things she missed most from her soccer days, were benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

It is the combination of peace and strength that makes Melyssa a popular and versatile yoga teacher. Melyssa is great at calming, but she can also bring high intensity to her classes. She is happiest teaching a class with a variety of levels of students, and she strives to make each class accessible to everyone regardless of body type, age, or fitness level. She accommodates the beginner and advanced yogi at the same time because she does not want anyone to feel her class is too hard or too easy for them.

“I want everyone to leave my class feeling a little more peaceful, but mostly, I want them to feel reinvigorated and strong,” says Melyssa.

About Melyssa:

  • Certified RYT-200 teacher through Arrichion, Spring 2018

  • Substitute teacher K-8

  • Married to Marco, with two daughters - Celeste (8) and Rossella (6)

  • NC native whose father is Cuban and husband is Italian, so Melyssa loves her international roots and lifestyle. (Watch for her to teach yoga in Spanish and maybe even Italian down the road!)

  • Melyssa likes being in nature, gardening, cooking (Italian & Cuban), running, and spending summers in Italy.

These are Melyssa's regularly scheduled classes. Check the schedule for any changes. 

Class Name
Hot Fusion 26
Express Hot Slow Flow
Hot Fusion 26
Hot Fusion 26
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