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Jacquie Keller

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Jacquie started her yoga journey in 2006. She first practiced on her living room floor after having knee surgery while six months pregnant. With limited mobility, she knew she needed to do some type of exercise to stay healthy for the baby. She started with gentle yoga on Fit TV and, after the birth of her daughter, began attending yoga classes at the gym. Jacquie had always been very active, but the doctor recommended low-impact exercise, making yoga a perfect choice to help her recover from knee surgery.

Jacquie began yoga for the physical practice but fell in love with the mind-body connection. She has struggled with weight and body image issues for most of her life, and Yoga has helped her maintain a consistent, healthy lifestyle. Yoga helped her work through trauma, anxiety, peace of mind, acceptance, and balance, and it has improved her flexibility and built strength in both the physical body and mind.

Five years into her practice, Jacquie felt she needed to learn more about yoga and share that knowledge. In 2010, she received her 200-hour YTT certification with Evolve Movement. Her passion is Hot Vinyasa Flow, marrying the breath with movement.


As an instructor, Jacquie wants to inspire and be inspired by her students. She strives to provide a welcoming, non-judgmental, inclusive practice for everyone.

Jacquie encourages everyone to listen to their body, make the practice their own, and do what feels good to them. She has personally experienced emotional and physical healing through yoga and will share this life-changing practice with anyone who will listen.

Jacquie has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 28 years. She is the proud mother of Savannah and Brian. During her spare time, Jshe loves traveling, going to the beach, and enjoying outdoor activities. 

These are Jacquie's regularly scheduled classes. Check the schedule for any changes. 

Class Name
Amy Klingler
Warm Gentle Flow & Yin
Amy Klingler
Hot Slow Flow
Amy Klingler
Warm Gentle Flow & Yin
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