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Amy Bonis

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Amy Bonis is a lifelong learner who has been privileged to study with some of the best teachers in the world. Aside from formal education that helped her become one of the top loan officers in the country, Amy has been schooled in horsemanship, dog agility and obedience, scuba diving, nature photography (can you tell Amy seeks out the peace and serenity of the outdoors?), self-improvement practices, yoga, and so much more. But, the most important thing she has learned is that it is her “dharma” – her purpose in life, her true calling – is to educate and inspire others.

Amy lives a very busy life, and always has, but it took nearly getting burnt out as a young professional to find yoga. Beginning with her first yoga class nearly 25 years ago, Amy found herself shifting from a “human doer” to a “human being.” She walked into class expecting yoga to simply be an extension of the handstands, backbends, and splits she honed during years of gymnastics. Instead, she found an emotional and spiritual practice of introspection and self-examination that drew her in. Once she started, she couldn’t stop, and yoga took Amy on a journey of discovery and healing, and teaching. 

Amy had an “absolutely life-changing” experience at her first yoga teacher training. It calmed her mind and helped her achieve a more joyful, peaceful life. It was also where she realized her dharma. Amy truly believes yoga changes lives and it excites her to teach and to lead others on their journey towards achieving a happier life. “Yoga is part of a lifelong journey which helps heal our wounds, and I see it as both a privilege and a responsibility to help others realize the power of yoga.”

Alchemy Hot Yoga students can benefit from Amy’s passion, knowledge, and experience of yoga – she has hundreds of hours of training in Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin, meditation, and Pranayama – as she bookends the work week (Monday, 8:15am; Friday, 5:45pm) with powerful Vinyasa flows. Amy’s classes can be challenging, but her messaging, sequencing, and focus on the breath prepares students for the challenge. Amy says yoga mirrors life, and just like you learn to work through physical discomfort, you can also learn to work through emotional discomfort and pain. Nothing is permanent. 

Teaching at Alchemy gives Amy an edge in helping students find peace because, according to her, “Alchemy is an incredibly beautiful, welcoming, non-judgmental space with great healing energy. I LOVE Alchemy and what it stands for.”

It’s not just yoga that keeps Amy grounded, though. She attributes her ability to manage such a robust and rewarding schedule to her “awesome husband who enables her to do everything.” Amy and her husband, George, live on a horse farm in Wake Forest, share the same values and have a deep love of helping animals and the environment. They strive to make a difference and positively change the course of the world. For Amy, it all comes back to her dharma that gives her purpose to help inspire others and to contribute to the common good of the world.

“Yoga does more than you know.” ~ Amy Bonis

About Amy:

  • 500 RYT; 200 E RYT Certified Yoga Instructor- initial training:  Johnny Kest Lifepower

  • Amy is a full-time mortgage banker and also teaches various workshops on wealth building, real estate investing, and home buying. Married to George, also her partner at Equis Run Farm, where they live and enjoy organic gardening, boarding horses, and relaxing by their Koi pond. They occasionally offer Goat Yoga and meditation to the local community.

  • Amy competes her German Shepherd in dog agility competitions and is involved with the German Shepherd Rescue. She also loves horses and rides for leisure as well as for competition in both dressage and the sport of eventing.

  • Amy enjoys scuba diving, traveling the world with George, and outdoor photography.

These are Amy's regularly scheduled classes. Check the schedule for any changes. 

Class Name
Hot Power Flow
Warm Gentle Slow Flow to Yin
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