What is Alchemy Hot Yoga?

We are YOUR safe space for practice, transformation, and breath.

At the heart of Alchemy, we strive to create an inclusive environment - leaving space for students to show up exactly as they are. EXACTLY AS IS. We welcome our yoga newbies, our seasoned practitioners, our athletes, our bodies in all shapes and sizes ~ and we are confident you will find what you need to grow your practice here. Classes are open to all levels of participants, and students are given options for variations to suit their current practice; while it may not always be easy, our goal is to make the practice accessible.

You don’t need to already be fit, to be clad in $100 leggings, or to have the best mat on the market. You really, truly, only need your breath. This is the yoga we are here for ~ and you will be celebrated here, as is, just for showing up.

Alchemy is not a brand ~ it’s a vision.

An idea that when we come together as a team of unique individuals with our own backgrounds and knowledge base, we have the opportunity to create magic within that variety. No two teachers at Alchemy are alike, just like no two classes you take will ever be exactly the same ~ but we all share the common thread of love, acceptance, and authenticity you can expect from every class, every single time.

We want you to come experience your own journey, within our four walls ~ and whatever brings you here, whether it’s the possibility of sweat/caloric burn, mobility, a deeper sense of comfort and ease within your body; we know that through the practice and the breath, you will find that ~ and more.

This is our work-in. Where we show up to do the good work for ourselves and for each other - and we do it together.

Join us, the doors are open ❤️

Alchemy Hot Yoga of Wake Forest, NC,  is one of the few Triangle studios that uses INFRARED RADIANT HEAT - find out why it is our choice for heating you up!