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Strengthen & Release: Yoga and Self-Care - Volume II

A fun morning of yoga, self-care, and self-massage

WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 8 from 11:00am to 12:30pm

PRICE:  $25/person

REGISTER: via the MINDBODY app, search Alchemy Hot Yoga

Instructor: Danielle Forghetti, RYT-200

Join Danielle for Volume II of Strengthen & Release and learn tips for strengthening your deltoid muscles through yoga and resistance training. You will also learn tips and tricks to release muscle tightness to ease pain and stiffness.


Join Danielle as she guides you through a yoga flow designed to awaken and strengthen your muscles for better stability and less risk of injury.


After you have worked up a sweat and loosened up your muscles under the wonderful Alchemy infrared heat, you will slow it down with self-massage using myofascial release props.

Myofascial release therapy is the perfect complement to your yoga practice to help improve range of motion and muscle function and ease tension and stiffness. You will learn how to use myofascial release techniques, what to avoid, and the amazing benefits of this self-care work.

All the details for Strengthen & Release workshop.

Personalized Care
This is why we call it a self-care workshop! Everyone is different and Danielle will work with you and show you the proper techniques for your unique needs. Whether you have chronic shoulder issues or are struggling with sore hamstrings, Danielle will guide you through specific techniques and exercises you can utilize anytime.

Danielle stretches her upper back on a therapy ball.
Danielle stretches her side using a therapy ball.

About Danielle

Danielle lives a life of fitness and yoga keeps her healthy and focused. She teaches 6:00 am classes at Alchemy three days a week and she considers it a gift to watch the sunrise every morning surrounded by dedicated Alchemy yogis.

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