The new moon is the perfect time for a reset. It symbolizes wiping the slate clean and embarking on new beginnings. Let's connect around the ideas of: empowered sisterhood, creativity, and the four female archetypes and their relation to the moon cycle. We'll join a network of women around the world who will be gathered in their own circles for sharing, journaling, and shakti movement. You can expect a safe, non-judgemental space to honor your feminine wisdom together. This is an inclusive gathering for humans identifying as women from all walks of life.

WHEN: Saturday, August 7 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

PRICE:  $30/person

REGISTER: via the MINDBODY app, search Alchemy Hot Yoga

INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Bayer

About Nicole Bayer 

Through her yoga practice and workshops, Nicole’s intention is to share tools and resources with people seeking peace and stress reduction. Through trauma-informed yoga, guided meditation/visualization, breathing practices, sound therapy, and individualized self-care solutions, her goal is to pass along methods to help others gain a calmer nervous system and heart.

Nicole offers private instruction, scheduled through ThatsYoga.net. She also teaches at Alchemy Hot Yoga where she teaches Yin Yoga, and Yin & Singing Bowls.