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Yoga Mala Ceremony

Yoga Mala Ceremony flyer

Celebrate and welcome the new season with 108 Sun Salutations. 

A Yoga Mala is the ultimate moving meditation with a repetitive and steady rhythm that helps to transcend the physical and moves us closer to wholeness.

Welcome the new season of change, magic, comfort, balance, and letting go! Our intention is to strip the non-essential, strengthen our connection to the inner world more and more, and create clarity on the inside so we know what to do on the outside.

You will experience the practice of surrendering your ego. Moving through the layers may be uncomfortable, but as you deepen your surrender and your ego lets go, it becomes so sweet that it is almost blissful.

Your perseverance will be rewarded with Yoga Nidra and Thai touch.

We will celebrate our journey with tea time and conversation.

Open to all levels - beginner to advanced!

WHEN: Saturday, Sept 23 from 2:30 - 5:00pm

PRICE:  $27/person

REGISTER: via the MINDBODY app, search Alchemy Hot Yoga

TEACHERS: Jana Davis & Maggie Pintos

About Jana

Jana brings a unique perspective to her classes by encouraging her students to move "from the inside out." She strives to create a comfortable environment in every class and to make yoga accessible to all levels of students. Her goal is to awaken in each student their individual form of expression. 

About Maggie

Maggie takes a playful approach to her classes, but don't be fooled - she will challenge you. She helps students build strength and try poses they didn't think were accessible. She wants to take you to your edge.

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