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Maggie Pintos

Maggie Pintos

Maggie had her yogic awakening at age 15, when she finally felt at peace while floating in savasana. She started going to yoga classes three to four times a week, and five years later, she became 200-hr YTT certified under Kim Zegil, of Gotta Yoga Studio in Charlotte, NC. Since she believes this is her dharma (her calling), she is a full-time yoga teacher but says she will always remain a student.

Maggie’s classes consist of long sequencing because she wants to squeeze in every pose in the book in every class. Yes, she is aware that’s never going to happen, but she can try!

Her sequences are meant to bring you back to your youth by being fluid, playful, and not taking the practice too seriously (except for alignment). She likes to challenge her students in a motivational, sometimes comedic way, so they can understand that the practice is a personal journey to accepting what they are presently, with infinite possibilities to greatness.

She expresses that every time you are on your mat you are meeting yourself all over again, because humans are forever evolving from one hour to the other; therefore, you cannot fully master the practice.

Besides being passionate about Vinyasa Yoga, Maggie is certified in Kids Yoga, and certified in Energy Medicine. She is Reiki Level 2 certified and uses Reiki daily- both for inner healing and as a resource to her clients in their own healing journeys. She graduated from NC State with a Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2017 and is working towards going to Bali in 2023 to receive her 500-Hr YTT certification.

Daily, Maggie practices what she preaches by consistently practicing asanas and reading to expand her knowledge in yoga and its philosophy. She enjoys meditative walks with her Goldendoodle, named Bali; and she loves to rave, workout, daydream, and spend time with her family. Her dream is to have the ocean as her backyard and to open a yoga studio that best reflects a sanctuary for all individuals from different walks of life. Maggie appreciates her gift of reading energies and her ability to keep her feet grounded while her head is floating; this makes her feel present and whole.

Maggie’s website offers various services, including her teaching schedule, “how-to” videos to show how to get into yoga poses, and blogs with teachings from her experiences.

Maggie owes all of her wisdom and spiritual teachings to her Yoga discipline.

About Maggie

  • Owner & Founder, GoldenYogiMaggs

  • RYT-200, Gotta Yoga, Charlotte, NC 

  • Certified in Kids Yoga and Energy Medicine

  • Reiki Level 2 Certified

  • Maggie enjoys taking long walks with Bali, her Goldendoodle, working out, and spending time with her family

These are Maggie's regularly scheduled classes. Check the schedule for any changes. 

Class Name
Hot Slow Flow (75 min)
Level 2-3 Advanced
Hot Slow Flow
Express Hot Slow Flow
Hot Power Flow
Hot Vinyasa Flow
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